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Welcome all to The Magic Bracelet Project. We encourage you to explore through the site to learn about the project and connect to our sweet Rina.
For those of you who are new to the Magic Bracelet Project, we hope that Rina's story and vision will bring to you inspiration and that you will join in our efforts to make her dream a reality.
For those of you familiar with the project, and those of you from the caring bridge community, we hope that this space provides you a way to stay connected to Rina. Often we get asked "What can we do?"
Here is your answer and opportunity- Spread the word of this web site in an effort to help bring Rina's voice and vision to the world, to finish her creative work and continue to raise awareness about mitochondrial disease.
Continue to check back on this site for updates on the project. As always, we welcome your comments and so appreciate your support.
- Stacy and the Magic Bracelet Team.

Friday, May 23, 2014

One year ago, we experienced Rina’s dream come true with the Hollywood red carpet premiere of her movie. Over the course of the past 12-months there have been 16 public screenings of the film, and 10 more are already scheduled between now and October. Including the hundreds of DVD sold, The Magic Bracelet has been seen in North America in at least 34 states and 4 provinces. Internationally The Magic Bracelet has been viewed in England, Ireland, Italy and Australia,
New Zealand and Israel. Rina told everyone that she wanted her movie to spread awareness about mitochondrial disease and to provide strength to those who have Mito.
One year later thousands have participated in accomplishing that dream.
Perhaps Rina knew how big this was going to become, and we continue to get strong signs
that she continues to guide us all to make sure that her film journey unfolds exactly as
she envisioned. Thank you to the incredible Magic Bracelet Family, Make A Film Foundation
incredible cast and crew and everyone involved in the making of Rina's dream into reality.

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