This site and project is dedicated to the memory of Rina Goldberg who lost her valiant battle with mitochondrial disease at the age of 15 on 12/29/2010.

The Magic Bracelet Movie Project: The Story Behind The Story

This site is dedicated to the memory of Rina Goldberg, who lost her valiant battle with mitochondrial disease on December 29, 2010 at the precious age of 15.

A beloved young girl, gone too soon, left us with a dream to fulfill. A story idea that started as a therapeutic, creative outlet for one has evolved into a source of inspiration for many. The progression of this project, along with every element of Rina Goldberg's true life story, reflects Rina's ambition and a specific message that she wrote as part of a legacy project several weeks before she passed away in December 2010:

Always love life. Dream big. Remember to always have a "be positive" attitude. Remember to laugh and smile. I'll always remember you.

Our Commitment to Rina

Rina's beautiful spirit graced our world for far too short a time. Her artistic endeavor was left unfinished, but with all the ambition of the creator herself intact. The Magic Bracelet was produced by Make A Film Foundation with director, Jon Poll and script adapted by Award Winning Diablo Cody in Dec 2012..
Just as Rina envisioned, a Red Carpet Hollywood Premiere was held in May 2013.
Rina's magical story is being seen by thousands and continue to inspire others.
All involved in the film have felt Rina's presence guiding to make sure everything unfolds exactly as she wanted.
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Dream Big

Fifteen-year old Rina battled the devastating effects of mitochondrial disease her entire life, but she never let it take her spirit down. Every day Rina faced medical treatments, physical limitations and challenging obstacles no child should have to encounter. But Rina's spirit was bigger than all of those things. Rina's spirit still is bigger than all those things.


Love Life

Rina learned the hardships of life through first-hand experiences at a very young age. Through the endless support of loved ones and friends, she also learned the value of unconditional love. When the day came that Rina understood what it meant to have mitochondrial disease, she had an important message to share. What she learned and taught the world was truly important in living and loving life, always pushing her illness to the side and seeing the good in each day, Rina loved life. Her heart and spirit beamed a light like no other that shines on in her memory.


Be Positive

Having the right perspective can change a situation for the better. Rina knew this and held on to it for all it was worth. She held her head high and kept a positive outlook on life through everything she endured. Mitochondrial disease didn't define who she was, but it did affect how she viewed the world.

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