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Production/Film Shoot was completed  produced in LA Dec 7-10th 2012 by Make A Film Foundation. Directed by Jon Poll (Charlie Bartlett, Meet the Fockers) Cast includes: Bailee Madison, Hailee Steinfeld, Jackson Rathbone,  Kaitlin Doubleday, JK Simmons, James Van Der Beek and Surf Dog Ricochet. 

Red Carpet Hollywood Premiere-May 2013
Winning Awards and being shown at Film Festivals throughout the Country as well as medical conferences and special screenings.
Now Available on DVD
www.makeafilmfoundation.org for more info

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July 2011 - Make A Film Foundation chooses Rina as their next participant to make her film. To learn more www.makeafilmfoundation.org

Dedicated to her memory, a small group of Rina’s closest family and friends are bonded together by a shared desire to bring Rina’s story to life. We are proud to fill the roles of The Magic Bracelet Production Team.


We had watched Rina endure a plethora of medical challenges associated with mitochondrial disease since she was born. As the years passed, hospitalizations and medical procedures became a regular routine. In 2009, as her disease process became more advanced, Rina’s house became a medical home in order to attempt to minimize hospital stays, yet do what was necessary to fulfill her daily medical needs.

During this time, Mitchell Eiven, a family friend and President of Movie and Theater Corporation, worked with Rina to develop a movie idea that would distract her attention away from medical challenges and focus her mind on something positive. With Mitchell’s encouragement and professional background, Rina’s imagination soared with possibilities. What started as a spark of Rina’s imagination, The Magic Bracelet quickly grew into a very real, truly magical movie project.

Rina took responsibilities as Junior Producer, Junior Director and Junior Writer very seriously. She didn’t let her disease stand in the way of movie production even as times became the most difficult for her medically. Through the wonders of the Internet and advanced technology, Rina reached out to people around the world for inspiration. Whether she worked from her bed or the couch, Rina’s dedication to The Magic Bracelet continued on.

Sadly, Rina left this world before her dream could be realized, but her movie project lives on. She envisioned The Magic Bracelet to tell a creative, witty and sharp story about many facets of life, including friendship, love, adventure and magic, just to name a few. It is in her honor and memory that we continue this project as her legacy. On Rina’s behalf, while staying true to her intention and spirit, we are dedicated to bringing Rina’s voice and vision to the world.

— The Magic Bracelet Production Team

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